Concert Review: The Black Keys

Show: The Black Keys
Date: 03.19.2012
Openers: Arctic Monkeys
Venue: United Center
Location: Chicago

Let me start off by saying that I was amazingly harsh on this concert the night of and the day after.  I have since rethought this while being sober and to be honest the show wasn’t that bad.

The Black Keys cannot put on a bad performance, but this new found fame and arena tours are just not sitting well for this fan of 8+ years.

New fans: here’s some advice, do some research before you go to a concert.  And when the backing  members leave the stage, don’t announce to everyone that you didn’t realize it was supposed to be a two man band…

Old fans: here’s to hoping next time around they include more of their older songs and the alcohol and tickets prices are cheaper.

1. Howlin’ For You
2. Next Girl
3. Run Right Back
4. Same Old Thing
5. Dead and Gone
6. Gold On The Ceiling
7. Thickfreakness
8. Girl Is On My Mind
9. I’ll Be Your Man
10. Your Touch
11. Little Black Submarines
12. Money Maker
13. Strange Times
14. Chop and Change
15. Nova Baby
16. Ten Cent Pistol
17. Tighten Up
18. Lonely Boy
19. Everlasting Light
20. She’s Long Gone
21. I Got Mine

(Pictures coming soon).


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