New Music: Jai Paul- Jasmine

Happy April 1st everyone!

I wish I had some cool April fools joke, but sadly I am not that creative or clever.
Instead I will bring you some new and interesting music.

As an avid twitter user I come across several people/companies trying to promote random crapola. Most of it I just skip over, but the other day I woke to this tweet by NME magazine that actually caught my attention for whatever reason. “If you’re looking for something new to listen to today, we can heartily recommend this Jai Paul track.” … normally I am not one to stumble upon music in this fashion, because frankly most of music promoted this way is not that good. I guess that morning I felt like taking a risk, ha. Good thing I did, because I cannot stop listening to this song. It’s not even that amazing, just some guy softly singing/crooning over some random beats. I still don’t even know who this artist is, (probably should do some research…)  For whatever reason though, this song is sooooo addicting.

Take a listen for yourself.

Click here to read full NME’s post on Jai Paul’s new song.


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