Album Review: Delta Spirt- Delta Spirit

Artist: Delta Spirit
Title: Delta Spirit
Release Date: 03.13.12
Genre: Rock
Rating: 8/10
My first album review!

I’m hoping to create some sort of “rose” rating system graphic, but in the mean time picking a number from 1 to 10 (10 being the best) will have to do.

So if you couldn’t tell from my previous posts about Delta Spirit, I absolutely LOVE this album.

It’s different from their first two albums, yes, but it still does not disappoint at all. You can tell they’ve traded in some of their more twangy rockness for some added synthesizers and catchier tunes (California). It still works though. And at the end of the day Matt Vasquez’s unique voice will always win. I won’t bore you with too much more, but if my word means anything and you trust my musical opinion, then check this shizzz out!!!!

Favorite Tracks:
♥  01. Empty House
♥  10. Money Saves
♥  11. Yamaha
♥  02. Tear It Up
Ehhh fuck it, every song is awesome.

To preview or purchase Delta Spirit: iTunes & Amazon


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