Album Review: Kaiser Chiefs – Start The Revolution Without Me

Artist: Kaiser Chiefs
Title: Start The Revolution Without Me
Release Date: 03.06.12
Genre: Alternative
Rating: 5/10
I’ve been putting this review off for a while. I really just didn’t want to do it.  The reason being? This album kind of sucks…

Ahhh, I hate to even say that because I LOVE the Kaiser Chiefs, but man, this was such a bummer.

Let me start off by saying the Kaiser Chiefs do not make award winning music.  It’s just fun, catchy music that you cannot get out of your head. What really made me fall in love with this band was their live performance.  The first time I saw them was at Lollapalooza 2009, and holy fuck did they put on a show. I think that was actually one of my favorite live performances of that year, that’s how awesome they were.  The intensity and sheer madness they bring to shows is astounding and gave me a reason to start downloading their full albums and what not.

And yet here we are.  They took a break after 2009 and this is their first album since then. You’d think it’d be a little better given all that time off, but sadly it fails.

There are still a few good songs (see below) that sound like the good ol’ Chiefs, but it’s just a few, with the rest of the songs being quite annoying. To be completely blunt, the songs I did not list on my favorite tracks below should not have even been made. I feel completely awful for saying that, but they are really that monotonous and dumb. The one thing I do love about this album is that it closes with a slower song that is sung by the drummer, Nick Hodgson.  This has happened on 2 of their previous albums including the songs, “Boxing Champ” and “Remember You’re a Girl”.  I simply adore these songs because there is something so innocent and charming when Nick sings. So thumbs up for him having another song on this album as well, “If You Will Have Me”.

At the end of the day if I were to tell someone “Hey, you should check out the Kaiser Chiefs” I would not even mention this album, and only refer to their 3 previous ones. Let’s just leave it at that.

Favorite Tracks:
♥  01. Little Shocks
♥  07. Cousin In The Bronx
♥  13. If You Will Have Me
♥  02. On The Run
♥  04. Kinda Girl You Are

To preview or purchase “Start The Revolution Without Me”: iTunes & Amazon


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