DB’s Favorite Videos: Part 1 – (Never Miss A Beat)

New segment time: My favorite videos!

I did this partially because I still feel just awful about the harsh review I gave the Kaiser Chiefs yesterday, but either way this was definitely a segment I was looking to start soon. This segment of my favorite videos will really just include music videos/performances that I love, therefore meaning just because a song is good, doesn’t mean the video will be up to par.

Artist: Kaiser Chiefs
Song: Never Miss A Beat
Album: Off With Their Heads
Year: 2008

This is my favorite Kaiser Chiefs video, the song is great obviously, but I love the silly acting the guys in the band do, and love the little kids taking over the town. Cool kids always prevail my friends, haha.

Oh yeah, did I mention I am going to see Kaiser Chiefs tonight at the House of Blues?!?! So excited!!!!


It’s cooooooooool, to know nothing.


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