Concert Review: Delta Spirit

Show: Delta Spirit
Date: 03.23.2012
Openers: Waters
Venue: Metro
Location: Chicago

Man I really need to start updating this shit earlier. This review is already a month behind. I’m late for everything in life, are we really that surprised my blog is as well?

Well the good news is that this concert was awesome. So far it’s in my top two concerts this year (the other one being Kaiser Chiefs, review to come soon). I think I liked this show even more because it was the same week as the disappointing Black Keys concert, so it was a refreshing change up.

The opening band, Waters, did a great job. I’ve never heard of this band before, but they played some good tunes and definitely fit the Delta Spirit bill. Also, throughout the show, both Waters and Delta Spirit made it well known how much they loved Chicago, even going as far as saying that they tried getting here as fast as possible to spend an entire day in the Windy City. This is obviously the kind of thing us Chicagoans LOVE to hear.

The show was sold out and when Delta Spirit got on stage they were very grateful to have the venue absolutely packed. I don’t think the crowd stopped moving, it was just a constant flow of songs and dancing. Their older songs really made everyone go crazy but it was nice to see the everyone still loving the newer material as well.

If an opportunity arises to see Delta Spirit live, you should definitely take it up. I missed them at Lollapalooza last year due to waiting in lines for a good hour or so and was very bummed that I only caught their last song. This show at the Metro made up for it though. Simply incredible.

1. Empty House
2. White Table
3. Strange Vine
4. Tear It Up
5. Idaho
6. Parade
7. Tellin’ The Mind
8. Time Bomb
9. House Built For Two
10. Bushwick Blues
11. People C’mon
12. St. Francis
13. Children
14. California
15. Devil Knows Your Dead
16. Money Saves
17. Trashcan



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