Lollapalooza Featured Artist: Week 1- Gary Clark Jr.

Starting now, I will be doing a Lollapalooza Featured Artist per week until the actual weekend of Lollapalooza.

Artist: Gary Clark Jr.
Song: Bright Lights
Year: 2011
Genre: Blues Rock

I decided to kick this off with Gary Clark Jr. I was introduced to his music by a friend last fall and he caught my attention right away. Really love that bluesy rock feel to his music. Should hopefully have a great career in the future and can’t wait to see him at Lolla.

I also decided to use this video instead of the actual music video for this song because 1. there’s a kick ass guitar solo in this live version, and 2. it takes place at Toyota Park, where my beloved Chicago Fire play. Obviously impartial to anything Chicago.


Countdown to Lollapalooza: 15 Weeks • 102 Days


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