Flashback Friday: TLC- Creep

Been hearing a lot about TLC in the music world this past week. Wednesday was the 10th anniversary of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes’ death and the remaining two members are supposedly planning a reunion tour very soon. According to TMZ, the reports are that they plan on using a projection of Left Eye at the concerts and incorporate her vocals as well. Soooo kind of like a low quality Tupac Hologram?

Regardless of if/when/why/how/whogivesashit this tour will pan out, we can still enjoy some TLC tunes from back in the day.

First started loving TLC when I was around the age of 9 or 10. Even performed one of their songs with a couple of friends in the talent show at school as well. These days, TLC always reminds me of this one particular movie I love called, “The Other Guys”. Michael Keaton’s character always makes TLC song references throughout the film, which he apparently is oblivious to. (SEE HERE)

“C’mon. You don’t say ‘Creep-Creep’ unless you’re quoting TLC.”

Artist: TLC
Song: Creep
Year: 1994


it’s me again,
and I’m back.


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