Lollapalooza Featured Artist: Week 3 – Delta Spirit

Special Feature: This post goes out to my friend, Bob, who is pretty much the only person that actually reads all of my blog posts. Today is his birthday, and he is a huge Delta Spirit fan like myself. He accompanied me to the Delta Spirit show at the Metro and I think this is the first year he will be attending Lollapalooza. Woohoo!

Artist: Delta Spirit
Song: People C’mon
Year: 2009
Genre: Alternative

Delta Spirit is not only one of my favorite artists, but I will especially be looking forward to seeing them this year at Lollapalooza because last year was a total bust. I made sure to catch a train that would get there in time to see them perform, but low and behold, I was not anticipating how bad the line would be to actually get into the festival. Thus, catching only the last few songs Delta played. Bummertime. I will not be making the same mistake this year.


Countdown to Lollapalooza: 13 Weeks • 87 Days


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