Video: Banda UÓ- Rosa

Been listening to this song on repeat all day. I’ve had a terrible toothache/infection for the past week or so and finally got some meds to help with the pain. The downside is it’s making me terribly drowsy, so this post might be lacking a little.

I’m sure most of you have never heard of this group, seeing as their from Brazil and their music is very different. I was introduced to them through a piece Diplo did for Vanity Fair about Banda UÓ and the phenomenon known as “Techno Brega” (Cheesy Techno). Read the full article HERE.

You may recognize the music a little bit, as you should. They’ve sampled The Strokes’ song “Last Night”. I’m pretty sure all of the songs they’ve released (which is only 5-6 songs) has sampled another song and they create new lyrics that are in Portuguese and add some crazy new beats to it as well. It really is sort of a “Cheesy Techno” sound and I love it. You won’t even care that the lyrics aren’t in English, you’ll just want to move your booty.



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