Album Review: Choir of Young Believers – Rhine Gold

Artist: Choir of Young Believers
Title: Rhine Gold
Release Date: 03.20.12
Genre: Alternative
Rating: 7.5/10
So, pretend like this album didn’t come out almost 2 months ago and pretend like this review is somewhat on time… okay?

Not sure if I’ve stated my weakness for Danish indie bands before, but if somehow I haven’t mentioned  it, let it be known that I LOVE this kind of music. It’s an amazing group of artists from Denmark working together unselfishly and creating wonderful music in the process. So let me be your American-go-to-girl for all things involving Denmark and their independent music scene.

Choir of Young Believers is at the top of my list in this category. Actually, probably my favorite. It’s the main project of Jannis Noya Makrigiannis, but filled with a cast of various other musicians. Sometimes he is only accompanied by a  cello player (Cæcilie Trier) or sometimes up to 8 different instrumentalists. “Rhine Gold” has taken a while to be released, but for good reason. As much as I loved COYB’s first album, “This Is for the White In Your Eyes“, this new album is far superior. I know it’s cliche to call a sophmore album more mature and better put together, but this really is the case. The album has a purpose, a focus if you will. It flows together beautifully yet still contains a Scandinavian alternative-indie-pop trance of echoing vocals and classical harmonies.

While I understand this type of music has been hard to push onto others, I still advise everyone to give it a chance. It’s not going to make you want to dance, or party, or even sing the lyrics out loud. This kind of music is best listened to in a quiet, peaceful setting. Close your eyes and let the music take you away on a journey, a journey to a desolate place, with no worries, no concerns, just the beautiful melodies repeating themselves over and over. You’ll find yourself in an extremely calm state, and then you’ll understand why this music is just that incredible.

Favorite Tracks:
♥  03. Sedated
♥  06. Nye Nummer Et
♥  01. The Third Time
♥  04. Paralyse
(As I’ve stated before, the album is truly appreciated when listened to in its entirety. It’s a piece of music that ties into each other, so it’s hard to single out individual tracks in this case)

To preview or purchase “Rhine Gold”: iTunes & Amazon


There are 2 comments

  1. Edward Coleman

    I absolutely love the song sedated. I had never herd this band before, and then that track came on KEXP one day a little over a month ago, and it pulled me in right away. I owned the album only minutes after the song had finished.

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