Later with Jools Holland: Grimes – Genesis

I mentioned before how I stumbled upon Grimes randomly, well here’s the short story to that.

I was reading some music article talking about Jack White and Alabama Shakes performing on “Later with Jools Holland” which contained all of the footage from the show as well. Grimes also performed on this episode for her first TV appearance. I took a gamble and clicked on her video out of curiosity. Like I said before, I was hooked right after that. I couldn’t help but notice how young Grimes looked, I would guess at first glance maybe 15ish? Ah, but I myself look extremely young for a 25-year-old, and I receive comments almost daily that I look like I’m still in high school. So i didn’t fall for that and knew Grimes probably had to be fairly close to my age (real name is Claire Boucher, age 24). With her youthful looks and bambi eyes I dubbed her my celebrity look alike. Okay I may be crediting myself too much, but her natural hair color is brown, she looks young, and I’m certain she’s probably very short too, so let me just have this. I’m such a dork.

Just watch this beautiful performance for yourself. You may be hooked next!


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