DB’s Favorite Videos: Part 2- (Oblivion)

I’ve been waiting to post this video forever, even though I’ve already talked about Grimes several times. This seems like a more appropriate time, becaaaaause… I’ll be seeing her this Saturday at Pitchfork Festival!!!!!

Artist: Grimes
Song: Oblivion
Album: Visions
Year: 2012

Grimes has done a few other videos, and when I say a few, I mean like 2-3 others. I absolutely love this one. I watch it over and over again because I always catch something I didn’t see the other times I’ve viewed it. Such a simple concept; hey, sing your song (synching the track up with her singing via headphones and boombox) while walking around a bunch of Americana inspired venues (i.e. motocross, high school football game, gym locker room, fast food venue). It’s so, we-just-did-this-on-a-whim type of of thing. The people with Grimes don’t know her song, they’re just there for the ride. If you look close enough during the motocross event, you’ll notice several people in the audience looking back at her like, “What the fuck is this chick doing?”. If you don’t know what Grimes even looks like, you’ll soon see after viewing this video how out of place she really is.

I really just can’t say enough about this video. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!


See you on a dark night.


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