Video: Lana Del Rey- Summertime Sadness

Lana Del Rey is cranking out music videos like no other.
She just had “National Anthem” come out earlier this month, and BOOM, here’s another one!

It’s very much the same style as all of her videos have been. Grainy, Instagram-like film captures her singing, sultry pouts, and someone always ends up dying. It’s the LDR Formula.

I’ve read some comparisons to Thelma & Louise regarding this video. I’ve never seen the movie so I’m afraid I can’t dive into that one too much. I’ve also read Lana Del Rey and the co-star of this video, actor/model Jaime King, are supposed to be lovers (or BFF’s).. Whichever, something happens (an argument?) and they both end up taking their own lives. SPOILER! Whether or not I fully get LDR’s music videos is questionable, but I love them anyway. They sadly always bring a tear to my eye, which I guess is probably what beauty she’s trying to bring to the song and video.


[Oh, and just a side note, a small connection I have to Jaime King: she has some small tattoos on both of her wrists that inspired the location and size of the tattoos I ended up getting myself. So there’s that]


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