Lollapalooza Featured Artist: Week 14- JEFF the Brotherhood

Artist: JEFF the Brotherhood
Song: Sixpack
Year: 2012
Genre: Alternative

Totally skipped 2 weeks of my Lolla countdown. Oops. So we’re down to the final two weeks, MY GOD.

If you’ve read my concert review on The Kills then you’ll recognize this bands name because they happened to be their opening band back in January.

JEFF the Brotherhood is fucking awesome. The drummer Jamin Orrall used to be part of Be Your Own Pet, which was one of my favorite bands, and this project with his brother Jake is sheer badassness. They’ve got this great psychedelic/garage rock sound. And forget about these two taking themselves seriously. All their songs have some hilarious and weird fucking lyrics and it’s very apparent by their videos and other features that they live a very care-free lifestyle. Check out their “60 Seconds Left” segment they did with Pitchfork.

Their new video is obviously no exception to this. The “concept” consists of the band hanging out with all their friends, drinking, smoking, and partying on a river. Pretty much what summer should be.
“It’s pretty hot out, it’s only 50 miles. I wanna cool out.. and get wasted.”

Oh, AND Dan Auerbach produced this song and the rest of their new album, Hypnotic Knights. Seriously badass.

Countdown to Lollapalooza: 1 Week • 8 Days


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