Flashback Friday: The Verve Pipe- The Freshman

I know a lot of people don’t like this song, but I used to like it a lot during the 90’s and I still do. It’s really not that bad of a song at all. So if this might be a poor choice for my Flashback Friday, then so be it.

I occasionally hear this song on the radio and always try and remind myself to feature it, but it really stuck out in my head when I heard they would be playing this years Lollapalooza. I had no idea this band was still around. The best part is The Verve Pipe is playing on the kid’s stage… Did some research, and apparently they came out with a family/kids friendly album in 2009 and so that’s kind of what they do now… yeah.

I wonder if they’ll even play “The Freshman” at Lollapalooza. Will the kids approve of teenage mistakes in which this song is about?

We’ll see.

Artist: The Verve Pipe
Song: The Freshman
Year: 1997


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