Lollapalooza Featured Artist: Week 15- Jack white

Artist: Jack White
Song: Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
Year: 2002
Genre: Alternative

Saving best for last perhaps? Debatable. But hey, it’s Jack fuckin’ White.

I think what makes Jack White one of the absolute TOP performers to see at Lollapalooza is that not only will he be playing his solo-music, but also stuff from The Raconteurs and the almighty THE WHITE STRIPES. Which let’s be honest, his new music is awesome, but I think we’re all hoping to hear some of The Stripes in there as well.

I’ve already featured all of his new music videos, so I decided to put up one of his performances he did about 3 months ago, which was a live concert featured on youtube [AMEX UNSTAGED]. If you don’t recognize this song as a White Stripes song then just… I don’t know… this blog isn’t for you then.

This is my last Lolla post and I’m extremely excited for tomorrow and the rest of the weekend. My only hope is that I survive.



Countdown to Lollapalooza: 0 Weeks • 1 Day


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