Flashback Friday: Aaliyah- Are You That Somebody?

So Friday just snuck the fuck up on me like no other. I’m going to blame this on Lollapalooza and the massive amounts of tiredness it has brought upon me this week. Once I get my mind back together this thing should get back on track and I’ll have my Lolla update as well.

I’ve been wanting to do an Aaliyah Flashback Friday segment for a while, but now is the perfect time since I keep on hearing her name in discussion about a post-humous album. There’s some definite controversy with this one involving her family denying such reports and the fact that none other than Drake being the mastermind behind this project. It has A LOT of people angry due to the fact that Drake is involved, because let’s face it, Drake sucks. This is still not set in stone but here’s the latest from Rolling Stone.

If a post-humous album is going to happen for Aaliyah, let’s hope Missy Elliot and Timbaland kick Drake the fuck off and take over themselves.

Artist: Aaliyah
Song: Are You That Somebody?
Year: 1998


There is one comment

  1. Travis Hawkes

    Somebody’s pissed. . . I’m curious about what you specifically hate about Drake. The fact that he can, at more moments than I’d bet he’d like to admit, sound like a panzy? The group he runs with and the songs he collabs on that, for the most part, aren’t worth more than a few listens?

    I think he’s got mad skills and has put out some legit tunes, but I had no idea why he, above Tim and Missy (as you mentioned) was put in a power position to produce an album for one of the most angelic, sultry voices of our generation. Rock The Boat, One In a Million, If Your Girl Only Knew (maybe my favorite of hers…), the vibe she had was like dragging your hand along the body of a sportscar: free-flowing, cool to the touch without the hint of a hiccup or an imperfection. Girl had incomparable skills and a distinct tone, which, at times, I think Drake can mimic (Houstatlantavegas and Uptown, amongst a few others).

    I dono. I have faith in him doing it, especially since he brought the two of them (Missy and Timbaland) on for a few tracks, apparently: http://www.billboard.biz/bbbiz/industry/record-labels/drake-missy-timbaland-blackground-records-1007791552.story
    Plus, if he throws up a brick, you’ll surely get your wish of his disappearing, because I don’t think anyone would respect him after screwing it up.

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