Concert Review: Kaiser Chiefs

Show: Kaiser Chiefs
Date: 04.19.2012
Openers: Empires
Venue: House of Blues
Location: Chicago

Shhh, just shhh. Let’s not acknowledge how overdue this review is okay?

I’ve mentioned before that the Kaiser Chiefs don’t necessarily create the “best” music out there. I wouldn’t really be expecting them to win a Grammy anytime soon and their content isn’t the most deep or thoughtful. But I’m fine with that. Their music is fun and what they have mastered is the art of the “sing-a-long” anthems. Thus, their music is best experienced in a live setting. They certainly DO NOT disappoint.

During this time there was a Blackhawks playoff game and a Bulls vs. Miami Heat matchup so my friend and I decided to watch the majority of that before going to the show. Therefore we missed the opening act, Empires. Oh well.

The show was nothing short of pure Kaiser Chiefs energy. Ricky Wilson (lead singer) did his usual running around like a madman during the entire night. He even was ballsy enough to run off the stage and onto the top of the bar where he quickly chugged some beer and made some joking banter with the audience. God, I love this man. I think this is also why it saddens me to see some band/performers who just seem to go through the motions of their shows. You’re a fucking rock star, perform like one! Everyone should take notes from the Kaiser Chiefs and specifically Ricky Wilson on how this is done. I guarantee you not a single person in that crowd wasn’t jumping around like an idiot, and singing every line of their songs with him. This energy goes both way my friends.

The lesson here is that live performances really can make or break the artist. I fully give so much more credit for those who can do it well. Kaiser Chiefs, you’ve won me over again. Come back to Chicago anytime.

1. Na Na Na Na Naa
2. Everything Is Average Nowadays
3. Kinda Girl You Are
4. Good Days Bad Days
5. On The Run
6. Everyday I Love You Less and Less
7. Little Shocks
8. I Predict a Riot
9. Modern Way
10. The Angry Mob
11. Starts With Nothing
12. Ruby
13. Never Miss A Beat
14. Take My Temperature
15. Love’s Not a Competition (But I’m Winning)
16. Listen To Your Head
17. Oh My God



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