Flashback Friday: Robbie Williams- Millennium

Several of you may not know who Robbie Williams even is, and for good reason. Robbie Williams is not that well known in the U.S. but he is the best selling British solo artist in the U.K. So beat that bitches. He only had a few singles that crossed over to The States, and this was his first one, hopefully it’ll ring a bell.

Robbie Williams was also from a former British boy band, called Take That. Do you recall their hit song, “Back for Good“?

Oh, the memories.

For whatever reason, I have loved Robbie Williams solo work every since I was little. He’s a hilarious guy and it really comes out in his music, and I appreciate that. (Let’s see if you remember his MTV Cribs segment) His songs are just fun, and even his slow ones are meaningful. We’re talking about a guy who left Take That due to several drug problems, so although his music might come off very “pop” like, he certainly has his demons. He displays all of this in his lyrical content. He hides nothing, and is often brutally honest about drugs, woman, and his inflated ego. Think Kanye, but in British Pop form..

Artist: Robbie Williams
Song: Millennium
Year: 1998


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