Video: Grimes- Genesis

After coming out with a teaser-trailer and tons of hype surrounding this video, I have to say I am not all that impressed with this new one from Grimes. This is one of my favorite songs of hers too. Claire Boucher directed this video herself and you can tell. Instead of having some sort of artfulness, she stuck it with anime looking people staring into the camera and dancing the entire time.

This video has such potential to be good, that’s the thing. The beginning and end are wonderful. Everything in between, I just ask why? I could’ve dealt with these odd characters staying in the desert with the slow motion singing and dancing. But the limo scene and the scene of them just standing in a forest? NOOOOO POINT. I even liked the “Mad Max” influence with the weapons and riding on top of cars, but once again that was only in the desert scenes. This video just needs a little bit more focus, which is exactly where Grimes often strays. Her obsession with Japanese anime is well known, but there’s no need for it in this video.

Ugh, I really wish she would’ve kept everything in the desert context and I feel like I would like this so much more.

And whoever suggested this might be the “Video of the Year”… you are fucking crazy my friend.


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