Album Review: Jason Davis- Spectrums Of The Mind

Artist: Jason [^_-] Davis
Title: Spectrums Of The Mind
Release Date: 08.29.12
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Rating: 7.5/10

Good chance you might’ve not heard of this artist before. Hey, but isn’t that what I’m here for? To bring you guys some great new music that you probably would not have discovered otherwise? Sure.

Jason Davis (JD) is a friend of my friend Anthony. Oh boy, that’s confusing already. Point being, his album debuts today and this is where we shall begin… [Spectrums Of The Mind].

If I had to sum up this album in two words, it would be, “Beautiful Rap”. This is a term I’m just coming up with, but it pretty much describes exactly what I think of when listening to this album. When I say beautiful, I don’t mean pretty-boy, hip-hop music. What I mean is the music and the lyrical ability is absolutely beautiful. It’s not harsh, not demanding, but instead rather calm, flowing, with many hints of intellectual artfulness.

This talent is hard to find in the hip-hop world, so when you come across it, it’s gold. Sure the songs talk about many of the same themes you’d find elsewhere in rap; sex, weed, work, family, and the ultimate goal of being successful in this world. But what JD does to express these themes is done an unusual way. Instead of shouting, his voice is calm, hushed, and smooth. Instead of forcing everything on the listener, he lets you enjoy the experience. He’s trying to make it out there, he’s telling you who he is and where he came from. He’s not trying to impress, rather just let you inside of his world.

JD’s lyrical and vocal ability match up perfectly with the beats provided by Cory Morrison-B4Laser$ (also produced). So here we go again with that theme of beautifulness. Fluttering melodies fulfill a good majority of these tracks and it’s intoxicating. It is absolutely an ideal marriage of rhymes and beats.

My favorite track also happens to be the first track I listened to, ‘Captain AmeriKKKa‘. I listened to it first by pure accident. Honestly wasn’t paying attention, didn’t even realize JD’s album had started playing and thought it was some random music I got for free from a music festival. Pleasantly surprised when I saw it was none other than JD.

If you listen to the album in sequence of the actual tracks it certainly has a beginning and an end just like any story. The first track with the same title as the album, “Spectrums Of The Mind” is an introduction to JD’s life and open’s the doors for the rest of the songs. From there you get his background on where he’s from, ‘Street Ethics‘, to fighting for your dreams on ‘Mooncircles (Chap.2)‘, to more intimate relationships on ‘CheeseHeads & Muscle Cars‘. Then we move onto a relatable song, ‘Gimmie My Money‘ for all of us who’ve held shitty jobs just to get by and move onto that next big thing. Lastly, we reach the conclusion of Spectrums with “Captain AmeriKKKa“, where JD is trying to SAVE THE WORLD!… “Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane. No it’s just ya nigga Jay, off that Mary Jane”.

Overall, this album is great. I was actually quite impressed with how well it sounds. It’s different and very refreshing to listen to.

Check out the first music video, “Tune In” from Spectrums–> HERE!
Directed by ANTHONY ‘TONY’ SHANE!!!

Favorite Tracks:
♥  10. Captain AmeriKKKa
♥  05. Mooncircles (Chap.2)
♥  09. Gimmie My Money
♥  01. Spectrums Of The Mind

This album is available for free, so you’ll probably be a fucking idiot if you don’t download this shit.

To preview or download “Spectrums Of The Mind”: SoundCloud & Direct Download


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