Flashback Friday: The Verve- Bitter Sweet Symphony


Can’t believe it’s already 100 posts from this little one. In the past my friends have suggested video blogging and I’ve always chickened out. I told myself maybe, just maybe, for my 100th post I’d do a video blog. So here we go. BE KIND!

***Update 9/1/12: It has been brought to my attention that I did not mention the band that I’m giving away tickets for because I’m an idiot. Anyway, the band is called Choir of Young Believers. Check them out!***

And if you can’t find the link to J.D.’s album review of Spectrums of the Mind, click here.

PHEW… glad that’s over. Let’s move onto some great music for this lovely Friday afternoon..

Artist: The Verve
Song: Bitter Sweet Symphony
Year: 1998


There are 5 comments

  1. Travis Hawkes

    Great post.
    Happy 100th.
    You’re the shit.
    Love this song more than most would. Used to wake up to it before I garnered the knowledge that waking up before you were “ready to” sucks.
    You’re still the shit.
    I’m impressed that you’ve stuck with it this long. 100 topics is a legitimate step. I feel like someone should do a study on how many ‘blogs’ make it past 40 posts or something like that. I’ll bet an overwhelming percentage don’t make it half way to where you have. Tons of quitters out there and it’s good to know that you’re not one of them.
    Stoked to hear more about this band from Denmark, whose name I don’t believe you mentioned in the video but from my research via Schubas website, it’s DAUGHTERS >>>> http://ohdaughter.bandcamp.com. They sound great.
    Down to go see ’em, so here’s to hoping that the tickets come my way.

    1. dinorose

      Nope, you are extremely correct, I did not mention the band name… oh boy, haha. My nerves were very apparent. Anyway, the band is called Choir of Young Believers. Judging by the lack of comments on here, you’re probably a shoe-in to with the tickets!
      Also thanks for the many kind words about my blog! You’re one of the few that actually appreciate it, and I’m very thankful for that!

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