Video: Frank Ocean- Pyramids

Did anyone check out Frank Ocean’s two performances from SNL this weekend? Soooo sick. He even started playing a video game on stage while John Mayer took over a guitar solo during “Pyramids”. What a badass.

On the heels of that, he has released his new video for “Pyramids” today, and much like his excellent SNL performance, this video is awesome. The song is originally almost 10 minutes long, and this video really only focuses on the second part of the song, which is only a little disappointing that the whole thing wasn’t included. However, it does seem to fit the video style a little bit more with the slower paced music.

The video starts off with Ocean downing several drinks (possibly Absinthe?), shooting bottles at the bar then heading out for a motorcycle ride to a mystical strip club. And yes, there is some nudity so be prepared. It appears that whatever Frank Ocean is on is making him delusional and perhaps a bit slap happy. Towards the end of the video you see him standing in front of a neon signed pyramid where John Mayer appears ripping up a fucking sweet guitar solo. I don’t even like John Mayer that much but the way this was shot and the way he’s playing, fuck… it almost turned me into a fan. Cue end of guitar solo and end of song, as Ocean appears to pass out only to wake up back in his suit and walk off into the desert.

Wowwww, that was a lot. It’s a good video though. Check it out. This kid just literally gets better and better every time.


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