Vintage Catalog: The Animals- The House of the Rising Sun

Been thinking about doing this segment for a while now. Of course I have my Flashback Friday posts that feature any music before 2005, but I really haven’t done any music that is before the 1990’s. (Well, except for that one Jane’s Addiction song that was from 1989). However, I kind of use my Flashback Friday segments as songs that I used to love when I was kid, but anything before the time I was born doesn’t really apply the same. I still love songs from the 1950’s-80’s but I just don’t feel it should administer to my own flashback music. Therefore, a new category needed to be introduced to feature other great music of the 20th century. This new segment is called Vintage Catalog and it’s only rule is that all of the music featured has to be pre-1987 (the year I was born) to qualify. Should be some great classics for everyone to enjoy.

Starting this new segment off with one of my favorite songs. It’s a dark, moody, classic 60’s sound, and the growling vocals just makes it absolutely perfect. I also chose this song because it mentions a house in New Orleans, a place I am lucky enough to be visiting this weekend for the first time in my life. So kind of on a NOLA kick lately, aka lots of CCR has been playing on my phone the past few days.

Anyway, I think this will be a great new feature on my blog for all of us who love The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bobby D, and oh-so-awesome 80’s music. Stay tuned!

Artist: The Animals
Song: House of the Rising Sun
Year: 1964


There are 2 comments

  1. Travis Hawkes

    After reading this, I wondered how many times I’ve heard this song featured in movies and tv shows, since it’s, at one end of the spectrum, a timeless song that’ll never get old and, at the other end, it’s a song that represents such a volatile and politically pressure-cooked moment in our nation’s history.

    Anyway, I looked up where this song has been featured ( and I don’t know. . . I was a little disappointed. I figured it’d been in stuff like Apocalypse Now or Platoon or some of those kinda flicks. Even Forest Gump. I wonder if they’ve missed a few.

    At least it was noted in Waterboy.

    Great song.

    1. dinorose

      I’m going to have to agree, I thought this song was featured in a lot more movies than what was on the list… hmmm. I guess all that really matters is that it was in Waterboy, haha.

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