Video: The Weeknd- Rolling Stone

This Tuesday is just exploding with great new music. Well, this isn’t necessarily new music, but it’s a new video, so I’ll allow it.

Today The Weeknd released the artwork for Trilogy. For those unfamiliar with this new project, here’s a brief explanation: The Weeknd has released 3 mixtapes for free in 2011 and is now re-releasing them on a major label for purchase. This is going to be called “Trilogy” and will contain 3 new songs as well as remastered versions of all the old songs.

The artwork and video seem to be from the same shoot. Simple video directed by Abel Tesfaye himself. The video starts with a close-up of The Weeknd and a girls arms around him, camera pans out, then back to close up. This is repeated. It appears to be the same girl, just with different clothing. Without spoiling the end, let’s just say it’s predictable and fits perfectly with the lyrics of the song.

***Update 9/3/12: The Weeknd has apologized last night about technical difficulties regarding the video being available, and also tweeted (regarding concept of the video), “she represents the fans who i lose when i hit the mainstream…” Some have also speculated that the camera flashes going off in the shoot also mirror this new “fame” theory of the video. Camera flashes first start going off during the line, “I’ll be different..”. So I guess mainstream it is.***

You can pre-order Trilogy HERE. It will be released November 13th. For those of us (pretty much all of us) who already have this music for free, you know everyone’s going to buy this shit up. Remastered, 3 new songs, and whatever mystery he’ll give us is well worth the $9.98.

Until you’re used to my face,
and my mystery fades..



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