Video: Lana Del Rey- Ride

The day Lana Del Rey turned her new little tune into an epic 10 minute short film.

The song is phenomenal on it’s own, but paired with this expansively beautiful video really puts the cherry on top. The visuals consists of her riding that tire swing we saw for the single’s artwork, to where and what that tire swing is attached to, we have no idea? We see LDR riding with some bikers, flirting with older men, singing in clubs, playing with a gun, walking the streets, doing the dirty on a pinball machine, and some sand action at the end. Oh, and if you thought LDR could have a somewhat cheerful video, those thoughts will be immediately dashed. This one is terribly, terribly depressive. I thought “Ride” was a sad song, but her somber narration during the actual film portion of the video is just downright heartbreaking.

“Because I was born to be the other woman.. I belonged to no one, who belonged to everyone. Who had nothing, who wanted everything.”


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