Festival Review: Summerfest 2012

Location: Milwaukee
Date: 07.06.2012
Venue: Henry Maier Festival Park
Performances: AWOLNATION

This is my first festival review! I’ve been questioning exactly how to go about doing this and I’ve decided to kind of use the same style I’ve used for concert reviews just minus the setlists (since multiple artists) and talk more about the overall experience.

My friend had won tickets to Milwaukee’s Summerfest and we couldn’t think of a more perfect day to go than the day that AWOLNATION played. Summerfest boasts being the world’s largest music festival, which makes sense I guess since it spans a 2 week period. It’s not your standard music festival though. No camping, mediocre musical acts, and certainly not the same kind of venue you’d expect a music festival to be at. So in that sense, it was alright. I honestly enjoyed the pregaming done beforehand at some awesome bars in downtown Milwaukee. It’s like that city is just begging you to get wasted. My kind of town.

The actual atmosphere of Summerfest was kind of random. AWOLNATION was going against country acts, and there was more carnival food than I think proved necessary. The whole thing had a more family vibe than anything, certainly not the kind of place I would like to see AWOLNATION for the first time. The actual stage he performed at was a let down too. Fixed bleachers were in place making it hard to cram that many people up close. My group of friends and I had to resort going to the side of the stage where, due to insane amounts of crowd surfing, we got pretty banged up. My shortness factor became very prevalent and I barely got to see anything. I wasn’t having the greatest time.

AWOLNATION in all fairness did an awesome job. But as I’ve mentioned before, live shows consist of several factors deciding on whether or not you actually enjoy yourself. The music component was there, but everything else failed. Can’t blame the band, but I also cannot wait to see them perform in a much more different setting. I will probably not be attending Summerfest again. It’s just not my place, not my crowd, not my setting, not my venue, and just not an excellent place to see live music. Milwaukee however, you haven’t seen the last of this thirsty girl.


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