Video: Eddie Vedder – Sleeping By Myself

Oh the soothing sound of Eddie Vedder’s voice. Mmmhmm.

As many of you guys know by now, I LOVE Pearl Jam. Obviously I love Pearl Jam’s frontman, Mr. Eddie Vedder as well. His solo work for “Into The Wild” was incredible, but I have to admit.. I have not given his second solo album, “Ukulele Songs” a fair listening to. There’s something about a ukulele that starts to sound rather annoying to me. So I’m still working on this album. EV deserves another shot.

In the meantime, he has a new video out along with a new solo tour starting. Will this be the time I finally get to see him live (solo wise)? Probably not, the tickets will sell out and it will cost way beyond my means. I’ll just enjoy this quaint little music video detailing how a ukulele is made, and Mr. Vedder’s incredible voice. I can look past the ukulele sound for this man’s voice, it’s probably my most liked singing voice in the world. There’s something so comforting about it to me.

Okay enough of my love for Eddie Vedder. Enjoy the new video.



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