Video: The Weeknd feat. Drake – The Zone

Okay, now I’m pretty sure The Weeknd is cranking these videos out like every other week. My goodness this kid is busy.

I’m already liking this video more than Wicked Games. Very colorful compared to the past two black & white videos. As soon as I saw all the vibrant balloons, I knew it would turn into the Trilogy teaser clip The Weeknd released a few weeks ago–>”Valerie Promo“. That’s probably my favorite part though, cheerfulness turns to extreme sadness. The definition of The Weeknd’s music right there.

Appreciated the little amount they showed Drake in the video, because… well, I won’t go into another Drake rant today. So yeah, the video is good, not great, but good. Oh, and those EYES… those eyes are killer.

A little less than a week and TRILOGY will be released upon us all. Dun, dun, dun.



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