New Music Tuesday: The Weeknd vs. Lana Del Rey

Well it’s not exactly 100% new per say, but both these aspiring stars are re-releasing their work on the exact same day, 11/13/12.

Just a coincidence? Probably. However, in my mind I’m going to connect them together because their careers and music somewhat parallel each other. They are both extremely talented, both have started up mysterious tactics for marketing purposes, and both are on the verge on becoming HUGE musical acts (if not already).

Let’s start with The Weeknd. He’s releasing “Trilogy” which will consist of his 3 previous mixtapes. What’s new this time around? All songs are remastered and he’ll be adding 3 new songs as well.

Check out Trilogy HERE.

Next up, Lana Del Rey. She’s releasing “Paradise” or “Born To Die – The Paradise Edition” which will consist of her 2011 debut album, Born To Die plus new material. What’s new this time around? To my knowledge, none of the songs off of Born To Die are remastered, but you are getting 8 brand new songs.

Check out Born To Die – Paradise Edition HERE.
Check out Paradise HERE.

Bottom line: I’m very excited that two of my favorite artists are releasing this work today, however I’m not a very big fan of re-releasing the same material within basically a 1-2 year span. Stuff like this needs to be done right the first time around. And let’s not buy into the hype too much, it’s basically the same stuff these artists put out last year.

More importantly what I think needs to happen is Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd NEED to collaborate already. Then I’ll be impressed.

It’ll happen one day.


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