DB’s Favorite Songs: Part 3 – (White Table)

This post is absolutely necessary after what happened last night.

Artist: Delta Spirit
Song: White Table
Album: History From Below
Year: 2010

As I watched Delta Spirit for my third time this year, a thought popped into my head as lead singer Matt Vasquez was screaming and jumping around the stage… “Does Delta Spirit ever put on a bad show?”

The only possible answer is a resounding, NO.

Their live performance is just unreal. So much emotion, so much energy, so much good fuckin’ music.
What made this experience even better was winning a chance to attend the band’s after party, thus I got to meet Mr. Vasquez.

So yeah, pretty AMAZING. But let’s get to what we really came here for, an awesome song by this band. This particular tune is the first song that turned me onto Delta Spirit so it will always remain special to me. And if I had to pick, it would most definitely be my favorite song by them, and one of my favorites in general.

If you haven’t given Delta Spirit a listen to yet, please do. I’ll even share this song for a proper introduction.

I’ll give you my love, but not my heart.


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