Video: The Rolling Stones – Doom And Gloom

If it’s the end of the world and Mick Jagger sings, “Baby, won’t you dance with me?” You better fuckin’ dance with him.

Now, I will admit I’m sort of new to this whole Stones things. Throughout my life I’ve always had respect for them and even liked a few songs here and there. However, it wasn’t till this year I really started to love their music. So I’m late to the game… better late than never.

So now we have their brand new video for “Doom And Gloom”, featuring some crazy apocalyptic imagery. We’ve got zombies, greed, stock market crashes, a model puking, swimming in trash, nudity, and footage of war. The video stars Noomi Repace (which means nothing to me) who’s the original actress in Girl With a Dragon Tattoo. And of course you get some visuals of The Stones rocking out. Not sure if I like the video that much, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

Check out this wild new video below.


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