Song: Tony Shane – Hangman


2012 was a great year in general, and just so happened to be my first year of blogging. I want to start off by thanking anyone who has ever clicked on this blog, listened to a song, read an actual review, supported my blog, and especially those who have actively participated with day-to-day posts on here. You know who you are, and I am truly thankful. I hope to make my blog even better in 2013. It might take a little time and some money, but it’ll get there. So stay tuned.

My first post of this new year is for my friend Anthony, who has a great new song out, “Hangman”.


Regarding the song and cover art, Anthony gave a proficient, brief statement:

This song was inspired by the black on black violence in my city. The song and cover art were both created just before the tragedy in Connecticut which made me realize the problem is human on human violence. I debated on if I should keep the cover art the same, but I think it is an image that fits the song well and also carries a much stronger message of truth and reflection on American culture in light of recent events.

The song and cover art are awesome in my opinion, but you can be the judge yourself by checking out the song below.

Download the song HERE.


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