Video: Jason Davis feat D2G & Vic Spencer – SHMOGGY



The much anticipated music video directed by the one and only Tony Shane is officially out today!

Of course it features one of this blog’s favorite artists out there, Mr. Jason Davis. He’s collaborated with fellow Chicago southsiders, D2G and Vic Spencer for this amazing project.

I still cannot believe how impressive the video is. Yes of course I’m biased, but Anthony (Tony) did a fantastic job with the shots and the beautiful representation of what this urban city can bring. Although “SMOGGY” might paint a grim picture to the viewer and listener at first, it’s actually more of a reaffirmation of what can grow out of that bleakness. Chicago can often feel cold and desolate at times, yet this video captures a more colorful side to all of this. A chance of hope and promise perhaps.

Or maybe there doesn’t need to be any deeper meaning to all of this. Obviously the interpretation is for the viewer and listener to decide upon.




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