Video: The Weeknd – Twenty Eight

This video debuted last week, and it’s sure to leave an impression. I’m not against music videos with nudity in them, but this one might border the line of “too many boobies”.


The video starts off with Abel Tesfaye doing an interview with a man speaking in a foreign language. Possibly Italian? Then we see a mysterious ghost-girl sitting on the edge of a bed. This girl is presumably who this song is about. Next, we’re introduced to the naughtier side of this video with scantily clad women walking around some stripper poles and then heading to the indoor pool. The Weeknd looks bored with everything. Possibly just too much on his mind during the interview, he just repeats the lyrics of the song. Even when he’s in this pseudo-playboy mansion he looks unimpressed. The girl is clearly preoccupying his mind.

Even though this video bordered the amount of times I needed to see naked women, the rest of it was actually pretty good. My favorite part is when The Weeknd is walking down this eerie street, with different colored lights flashing from inside the buildings. Then he pulls up to an apartment on the corner with a small faint silhouette of a girl standing in the window. The imagery is amazing.

Check out the video for yourself below. WARNING: NSFW

This house is not a home to you.



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