Video: Muse – Animals

Was not expecting it, but I love the new video from Muse. What’s even better is that Muse didn’t have much to do with the video, they let it be created and chosen by their fans. This was the final winner by Inês Freitas and Miguel Mendes from Portugal, and it’s fantastic.

Obviously the video and song have some political and socioeconomic issues. The rich keep on getting richer, while the poor get poorer. In the video we see some shadowy figures (the rich) taking money from the oppressed human-like figures (the poor). A sum of debt keeps on showing in the video, and I assume this is some sort of debt this country or nation has obtained. The shadow figures then line up all the human-like figures and start amputating their limbs and throwing them into a machine that turns the body parts into cashhh money$$$. The debt barely budges, and the rich-folk start getting angry. The anger turns to lashing out one another to the point of taking off an arm from the rich shadow guy and throwing it into the pit where even more money is cranked out. The fighting continues as all the shadow figures stumble into the machine and the debt is absolved.

While I sometime cringe at music bringing in political and economic connotations, I actually like this song and video combo. The animation artwork was done beautifully and the fact that it actually conjures up some emotion is a testament to that.

Check out the video for yourself below.

Kill yourself. C’mon and do us all a favor.


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