Video: Delta Spirit – Yamaha

I feel like I was just talking about Delta Spirit the other day. If I remember correctly it was a question from a friend asking if they thought Delta Spirit would play Lollapalooza this year. My answer was that they’ve played it the last two years and have no new music, sooooo no. Hearing this song tonight makes me really want to see them play live in some capacity. A year without Delta Spirit is a year I just can’t live through. Hoping for some new tunes from these dudes later this year perhaps.

Andddd this song. This song just kills me. It always makes me cry. It’s so refreshingly sad. The soft tune soothes the mind while the lyrics remind you of every time you couldn’t make a relationship right.

The good news is that the relationship discussed in this song is doing just fine. The lead singer, Matt Vasquez, wrote this song for his wife as a sort of apology for road life. How do I know this? Pretty sure I read it somewhere, but I really don’t have any factual evidence of this, so just go with it.

What I love about this video is that it’s not sad at all. The song does that emotion justice enough, so I’m glad they went with a recap video of all the touring they’ve done over the past year or so. It was even neat to see the many Chicago clips they used. Even recognized some footage they used from the Metro show.

Seriously guys… come back!

There’s a thousand things I will not understand


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