Late Show With David Letterman: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sacrilege

This performance gives me absolute goosebumps.

Watching this brings back such great memories of the few times I’ve been lucky enough to see this band live. But it’s almost bittersweet because it then reminds me that the last time I saw them was almost 6 years ago. That fucking sucks.

After this epicness on Letterman, there’s no way I’m not seeing them whenever they tour for their new album, “Mosquito”. No. Way. There’s just something about the energy that frontwoman Karen O gives off that makes you want to bottle it up. She could sell that amazing potion of positivity and badassness for big $$$.

I think the best part of their performance on Friday night was the backing gospel choir, the Broadway Inspirational Voices. They absolutely rocked. Spin Magazine summed up the choir in the best fashion… “but there’s no question having the gospel singers backing the trio adds a level of drama and depth. Pay extra close attention to the choir’s absolutely mind-blowing director, who arrives at the 2:29 mark. Watch this woman and do not stop, people. She is embodying the spirit of Yeah like few others have done.”

There’s only one thing you can do at this point. Watch the Sacrilege yourself below.

Oh, it was great.


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