Video: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Despair

Not sure if I ever posted anything on here about my current blogging situation, but a few weeks ago I spilled water all over my Macbook. It is currently not usable and I haven’t been on a computer since then. I have the WordPress app on my iPhone but I can’t really publish blog posts as I want to, so the few things I’ve been able to accomplish have been through my Facebook Page.

So if you haven’t checked that out yet, please do. It’s much easier to post articles, photos, and videos to there, than here. No one said blogging was easy. —> The Original D-Rose Facebook Page

Anyway, I’ve found a small opening to use someone else’s computer so let’s get this ball rolling with a great new video from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


This video is so breathtakingly beautiful. As if any band or any imagery could sum up New York City better. It makes me almost proud to see these guys be the first to film a music video atop the Empire State Building, it’s so well deserved.

I think what makes it even better is that you can subtly tell that these rockers have aged a little bit, more mature now perhaps, a few more gray hairs even. And with that comes epic ascents to an historic music video.

Through the darkness and the light
Some sun has got to rise


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