Video: Mumford & Sons – Babel

Wow. It is fucking almost impossible to maintain this blog without a functioning computer. Holy fuck.

Again my apologies, but I sadly have not made any progress with my broken computer. It’s worth it to point out once more that it’s a lot easier to post via my Facebook page for the time being, so check that shit out…


Anyway, the music.. that’s what we’re here for, right?

Here’s a new video from them English boys, Mumford & Sons. I’ve actually started to dislike this group  because of their sophmore album and just too much redundancy. This song, however, is the ultimate exception to this. Probably my favorite song off their lack-luster album, “Babel” (despite what every other critic believes). The song is intense and filled with emotion. It’s with that energy that I can remember the Mumford & Sons I used to love. The video isn’t that bad either. While kind of simple, it’s actually pretty neat the sequence of seamless scenes. Tongue-twister!

See it for yourself below my loves.


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