Video: Pearl Jam – Sirens

Whoa now. For a band that rarely puts out music videos, this is getting pretty, pretty, pretty crazy. (Cheers to those that got that reference)

So we’re now on single and video #2 from their upcoming album, Lightning Bolt (out October 15th). I guess it’s only natural that the second single should be in stark contrast to the rabid craziness of “Mind Your Manners”. Point taken. “Sirens” is part love ballad and part sing-a-long. I can’t decide if I like it yet. I was hoping with the name, “Sirens”, it would’ve been a rocker. Not the case. This song seems (although not) simple for them. It’s not that it’s bad, it just seems like an easy route for a band to take at this point. I don’t like Pearl Jam taking the easy route, never have, never will.

Maybe I’m just grumpy about it, but I can move on.

The video takes a cue as a more “upscale” version of all those performance video features they did for Riot Act. I can take it or leave it as well. (How did I become so spoiled and particular with Pearl Jam all of a sudden?)

Don’t let me sway you guys one way or another. I’ve got mixed feelings, doesn’t mean you have to.
Check out the video for yourself.


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