Video: The Weeknd – Pretty

This video came out last week, and it’s got The Weeknd written all over it. It’s also Thursday, which is always a “Weeknd Day” and a perfect time to share this new video.


The basic premise of the video is based upon cheating and revenge. Not a hard concept. It’s graphic and has very dark undertones to it, but that’s pretty much what we expect to see from Mr. Tesfaye. I’d be more shocked to see The Weeknd dancing around with rainbows and ponies. Oh, how that reminds me of that wonderful Nine Inch Nails fan-made video for “Everything” that was taken down from the interwebs. Just thinking about it makes me giggle.

Well that got off topic fast..

Check out the video for yourself below. WARNING: NSFW

Expectations can kill a simple man.



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