Late Night With Jimmy Fallon: Lorde – Royals

Lorde is taking over the world.
And I like it.


Miss Ella Yelich-O’Connor aka Lorde made her U.S. television debut last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and it was good. I find her hit song, “Royals”, to be very polarizing. You either love it or you hate it. I happen to love it and I dig what this youngin’ is doing. What impresses me even more is that she has the goods (performance wise) to back it up. Something some other songstresses have been lacking… cough… Lana Del Rey.. cough.

The only thing that was kind of weird about her performance is that I found her hands to be incredibly distracting. Not that it’s a big deal or that I even care that much, but it kind of reminded me of this..

I also added the online performance she did of “White Teeth Teens” below as well. I think she actually performs that song even better than “Royals”, but you can be the judge.

Lorde’s debut album, Pure Heroine, is out now. I suggest you get that shit.

Watch Lorde perform “Royals” HERE!
Watch Lorde perform “White Teeth Teens” HERE!


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