Video: Daft Punk feat. Julian Casablancas – Instant Crush

It’s like Night at the Museum, but without all the horribleness.

Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Steadfast Tin Soldier, we find two inanimate statues at a museum falling in love. Well, they’re not exactly falling in love because they’re inanimate objects so they can’t fall in love. But with the trick of close-ups, you start believing that these statues are in love.

When we’re not seeing these two lovebirds, we’re treated to some sweet crooning and dance moves by none other than Julian Casablancas himself. Donned in a Jordan jersey of course.

This happens to be my favorite song off of Random Access Memories so I’m excited that they put a video out for it.

Check it out below.
(This is the first post I’ve done from my phone so please excuse any typos or missing links, I’ll fix it later)


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