Video: Patti Smith – Stay (Rihanna Cover)


The battle of hand-held technology at concerts and venues continue to rage. Some for, some against. I’m pretty okay with cell phone usage at shows, to a limit (texting every second should probably be avoided). I put my cell phone away a good majority of the time, around company and such. But as a short person attending concerts, sometimes the photos I take are the only way I can even see the show. Some people say that those crummy iPhone videos that people put on YouTube are dumb, tacky, low-quality, and useless. While that may be true, I happen to be one of those people that enjoys watching them. I certainly cannot attend every location an artist is playing, nor afford to go to every show. Pictures and videos on the interwebs allows me to experience amazing moments in music that I would’ve otherwise missed. Isn’t that what social media is supposed to help us do, stay connected?

In a moment like this, I’m very happy that someone decided to record, none other than Patti Smith herself, covering Miss Rihanna. I love both of these two women, although for very different reasons. Patti Smith is a legend with a brilliant mind, and Rihanna evokes the beauty and confidence, that is just damn admirable. If I just so happen to like RiRi’s catchy songs, well then, so be it. Apparently, Patti Smith is with me on the Rihanna appreciation as well.

The point to all of this, is why I do not mind videos at concerts. Without them, I would have never seen this wondrous gem. Whichever side you take on the issue, there’s absolutely no way you cannot appreciate this lovely cover, forgotten lyrics and all.


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