Best of the 2014 Grammy Awards


It’s award season, and you’re either glued to the T.V., or despise everything about this time of year. If an award show is on, I’ll probably watch it. So that’s where I stand. The Grammys are by far my favorite. I tried my best to join the Twitter world during the ceremony last night, and while the Grammys kind of stunk a good majority of the time, Twitter made it hilariously interesting. In the more than 3 hour ceremony, there were some great performances though. Here are my top 5 for your viewing pleasure.

#5 – Lorde

As much as Lorde’s live performances kind of freak me out, here, she shined bright like a diamond. Her strange demeanor and hand gestures were perfect. She nailed her “weird girl” swagger and awed the crowd with this performance of her hit song, “Royals”. It started off with a  stripped down version, which is where I think her talents really shined. It was slower, but demanded so much more attention her way. The crowd loved it, I loved it. Peculiar or not, she’s frickin’ amazing.

#4 – Willie Nelson | Kris Kristofferson | Merle Haggard | Blake Shelton

This performance really surprised me. On paper, it’s not something I would like. But much like the internet world, we all kind of really dug it. I can’t say I like country music, but this is great stuff. Maybe I just don’t like modern day country, but this throw back to a more bluegrassy/twangy vibe, is the bees knees.

#3 – Nine Inch Nails | Queens Of The Stone Age | Dave Grohl | Lindsey Buckingham

This is rock & roll my friends. This is what every rock fan was dying to see all night. There were so many loud instruments all playing at once, everyone was pumped. Dave Grohl looked like he was in his happy place, pounding away at the drum set like there was no tomorrow. Josh Homme even got a sweet new leather jacket for the occasion. Everything seemed to be going well.  BUT, with perfect Grammy timing, they cut to some sponsors towards the end of Queens of the Stone Age’s, “My God is the Sun”. And just like that, rock & roll died. A bit dramatic? Okay, maybe.. but no one said rock n’ roll was supposed to be all warm and fuzzy, right Trent?

#2 – Imagine Dragons | Kendrick Lamar

While I’m not a fan of Imagine Dragons in any capacity, they just so happen to be a perfect backing band for the king of rap, Kendrick Lamar. Their intesity in their live performance matched the amazing ferocity that Kendrick has. I don’t know if Imagine Dragons were supposed to be the main act with Kendrick just being featured, but much like the “Control” verse.. Kendrick crushed them all.

#1 – Daft Punk | Pharrell Williams | Nile Rodgers | Stevie Wonder

The performance of the night right here. Daft Punk remains to be one of my favorite live acts that I’ve ever seen, and the fact that it’s hard to even catch a live performance from them, made for a lot of anticipation. The robots didn’t disappoint. They got everyone out of their seats dancing around like complete idiots. It was fantastic. Sir Paul McCartney was visibly “wooing” at the end. You know you’ve done something right, when that’s the type of reaction you get out of a room full of extremely talented musicians.

Well, that’s it for me. Until next year, Grammys. PEACE✌☮


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