Valentine’s Day: My Favorite Love Songs



So I got this crazy idea to come up with some songs for Valentine’s day. You know, all those lovey, feel good kind of tunes. I ran into a problem though… I couldn’t think of a lot of songs I liked that were in that kind of category. I love a good angsty, depressing song. That’s just me. And let’s be honest here, love songs are great, but can get rather nauseating. So I hit a road block in finding all these songs, and could only come up with 5 decent ones, at best. It was then that I decided, if all these love songs are kind of annoying, why don’t I find a good middle ground? Songs you can listen to that won’t smother you to death with mushy feelings. The result is pure awesomeness. If anything, this playlist I put together will put you in a better mood. It’s just that good, because I fucking made it.

Hopefully, you have some time to enjoy all of these songs. Some of them you may know and love, and some of them may be new to you. More than anything, I think this playlist is perfect for everyone. Whether you’re in a relationship, you’re single, you have someone to love, you hate everyone, you’re stuck at work all day, you’re getting ready to go out with that special someone, or you’re just hanging out drinking some yummy beers (me), it should fit into your agenda. Enjoy!


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