Song: The Horde and the Harem – Robbery


I recently came across this band from Seattle, and have been pleasantly surprised with their music. I would say it’s a mix of Efterklang with hints of Arcade Fire. Maybe just a bit more uptempo in general, though. Regardless, I’m diggin’ their music and thought I’d share one of their new songs with you guys.

This song, “Robbery” will be off of their upcoming EP, Fairweather Friends, due out April 12th. I’ve had a sneak peak of the EP, and rest assure, “Robbery” is only a glimpse into a band you should definitely check out.

Do yourself a favor and listen to their new song, below. You’ll enjoy it.
Have a great day, everyone!

For more information on The Horde and the Harem, please check them out here:
♢ Website
♢ Facebook
♢ Instagram
♢ Twitter


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