Album Review: The Horde and the Harem – Fairweather Friends EP

Artist: The Horde and the Harem
Title: Fairweather Friends EP
Release Date: 04.12.14
Genre: Indie Rock/Folk
Rating: 7.5/10

This is going to be sort of a premature review, because this EP is not yet released. I was given special access to this album from the band, and would like to share the greatness of it before it’s official release on April 12th. If you’d like a taste of what I will be talking about, please check out The Horde and the Harem’s first single off this EP, “Robbery“.

The album starts off with perhaps their strongest song, of which I just mentioned, “Robbery”. You’re hooked at this point. But don’t expect the rest of the songs to sound like this one. From here, you’re taken to surprisingly different melodies (for an EP, I was very impressed by the vast amount of diverse sounds this band was able to produce).

We move onto the songs, “Shiver” and the marvelous, “Magician’s Hat”. Both are dreamy stories to get lost in. “Salutations” has the whole, ‘ukulele-island’ sound going on. Which, for whatever reason, doesn’t sound out of place on this EP. This island influence is even carried over to “Fairweather Friends”, only minus the ukulele, and demonstrated in the percussion section. Although, by the end of the song, we’re taken back to a more alternative sound, setting us up for a wonderful finale.

“A Girl He Once Knew” is probably my favorite track off of this EP. It’s catchy, yet has some different elements introduced in the song that isn’t found in the rest. After we get through a good majority of the vocals, the rest of the band kind of does their own thing. It’s almost trippy. Can a folk band be trippy? Well if there is such a thing, this would be it. It almost reminds me of something I might hear on a Tame Impala album. At the end of “A Girl He Once Knew”, there is a bonus track that I absolutely love. It’s a stripped down song that is simple and haunting. The vocals in particular, are very mesmerizing and are only enhanced with the rest of the band joining in on the mic. I feel, this was a great way to end the EP, leaving the listener completely satisfied.

Favorite Tracks:
♥  06. A Girl He Once Knew
♥  06. Robbery

As I’ve stated before, Fairweather Friends EP will not be released till April 12th, 2014. In the meantime, to learn more about The Horde and the Harem, please check them out here: Website, Facebook, BandCamp, Twitter & Instagram.

And stay tuned for a special opportunity to stream the Fairweather Friends EP in early April!


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